UF J-student seeking future in sports reporting (SportsComm)

UF J-student seeking future in sports reporting

From a young age, Lauren Cavasinni had to learn to hold her own when it came to talking about sports.

Growing up and being the youngest child with two brothers, Cavasinni was surrounded by sports. Her brothers played baseball; she played softball and was a cheerleader.

One of her brothers played baseball for the University of North Carolina where he went to the College World Series four times.

A few years back while at one of her brother’s College World Series games, Cavasinni was watching sports reporter, Holly Rowe. This was the moment she realized that was what she wanted to do.

“You do not see many women in the sports world,” the telecommunications major said. “I saw how much talent and respect she had, and I admired that.”

Cavasinni moved from a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina down to Gainesville, Florida to pursue her dream. Her decision to come to the University of Florida was made a little easier knowing the telecommunications program is top notch. Along with the telecom program, her father and Erin Andrews are also graduates of the school.

She is not afraid of the hard work that is to come. Her ultimate goal is to end up working for ESPN. In the meantime, she is prepared to work at a local station covering sports and fine-tuning her craft.

Being a sports reporter requires one to have knowledge on all sports. Coming from a family of baseball fans, that is her favorite. However, Cavasinni enjoys a multitude of sporting events and recently started liking soccer. Her favorite teams are the professional teams in Charlotte, along with the NY Mets.

Telling stories is a large part of what makes a good sports reporter.

“My grandfather was a Cubs fan,” the junior said, “He passed away in November but got to see them win the World Series.”

Having personal experiences such as this help Cavasinni be able to dive deeper into the stories that lie behind the actual games.

Cavasinni grew up talking sports with her family, and now she is working to do it for a living.